What were you doing in high school? Will Shurtz of Greenville’s Methodical Coffee was already brewing, serving and pop-uping his way to stardom in the coffee limelight. As a senior in high school he was traveling across the southeast as the Vagabond Barista and he turned that into a thriving business that now reaches across the country. From the NY Times to the cover of Imbibe Magazine and Daily Coffee News, Will and partners Marco Suarez and David Baker are pushing Greenville’s coffee culture forward. On a gorgeous early spring day, Will visited Tin Roof Farm, brewed a pot of coffee, and got a tour of the farm. He loved meeting all the chickens, turkeys, dogs, bees and was a great guest.

It’s photos such as this one that remind me to paint our gate and restring the chicken wire. Will got a huge kick out of our Tom turkey and I believe the red pull over really got Tom caffeinated. Tom sees in colors and to him, bright red is an aggressive color and the sign of a potential male trying to take over his pasture. Tom was very circumspect of Will.

He made a pot of his Kenyan coffee in our kitchen using a digital scale and a measuring cup for the water.

Will is one of the folks that helps make Greenville greater than the sum of its parts. He’s an incredibly passionate entepreneur, a non-stop learner, and loves to meet and greet new people. I met him when he was working at Coffee and Crema back in 2012 and had no idea he was so young.

This chicken didn’t cuddle up to Will.

In the studio

Tom gobbles for Will. That funny looking hat stand is a scarecrow to try and keep the hawks away.


Listen in as he discusses all things caffeinated.

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