Will McCameron of Brewery 85

Will McCameron is the epitome of the new American brewer. After apprenticing to local brewery Thomas Creek, he and several partners set up shop in Greenville with an eye on making traditional German and old world style beers, with a local flavor. Indeed, his Quittin’ Time is my go-to beer after a summer’s day of yard work. He stopped by the farm recently and we sat down and chatted about the past, present, and future of the local craft beer scene.

In years past, Will has come along on some of my Chef dinners I’ve donated to the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation and he’s always a welcome addition. It’s funny how quickly the guys will gravitate to him. “You mean you’re the owner of the brewery? And you make the beer?” Doesn’t matter if they’re doctors, engineers, IT guys, politicians, they get all doe-eyed and misty as if to say “I wish I made beer for a living.”

Have a listen right here then go find his beer across the Upstate and beyond.


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