Viva Mexico with El Thrifty!

“Mexican food is meant to be affordable”
That’s a quote from an early Google review of El Thrifty obviously written by someone that’s a) never been to Mexico and b) routinely eats at so-called “Mexican” restaurants that would be lost without their can opener.

If you’ve never been to Mexico, never eaten at a true authentic Mexican restaurant and your only experience with Mexican food are the refried beans and cold tortillas served at one of the familiar Monterrey/Corona’s/On The Border etc, you’re not going to understand the wonderful food that Robert Berry and his Executive Chef Justin Serwetz are serving at Greenville’s El Thrifty. Mexico has a number of regional cuisines and most of their cuisine is plant-based. The techniques used in their cuisine are time-honored and their love of a great meal is universal.

The flavors and diversity of the various Mexican cuisines are spectacular and so unlike the canned refried beans and pre-shredded cheese of the Americanized “Mexican” restaurants.

In January of 2018 my bride and I spent a week in Akumal, Mexico on the Caribbean coast (Yucatan peninsula) and we had an amazing time. The food was so lovely, the scenery spectacular, and the hospitality was genuine. And that’s the ethos that El Thrifty is going after. Go have dinner and tell them we sent you.

And if you’re looking for the link to El Thrifty.

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