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After opening seven restaurants, some for me, some for clients, I’ve taken all the lessons I learned and now offer them to would be restaurateurs and chefs that want to open their own operatons.¬† Coaching is something we’re all familiar with, from little league to high school sports, heck even the pros still use coaches so why not you? Why not your restaurant? I’ve sat down with clients that were faltering and were afraid to ask for help because their GM or Chef would be insulted. They were all but resigned to failure because they were afraid to hurt a team member’s feelings. Well take that excuse to your investors and see how far that gets you.
I know how big the egos are in this business. If you’re producing a magical food & beverage experience it’s easy to get carried away with the constant accolades. However, when things aren’t clicking along as you would hope, relationships can become strained and work culture can become brutal. Don’t wait until you’re on the frayed edge to seek help. Call me today and let’s talk about what’s going right and what needs attention and together we can come up with a plan for success.

Ready to take the plunge in the business? Beore you cash out that 401K or make a proposal to your angel investors, give me a call and we’ll talk. Perhaps you need someone to take a critical look at your business plan, maybe you need to fine tune your ideas, or maybe you just need to understand what you’re in for.¬†Ready to learn more about my coaching options? Have a look at my menu over at





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