Naked Pasta with Christina Barest

The ancient technique of mixing ground wheat with water might be one of the oldest recipes in the world. Most ancient civilizations made noodles, and it’s the result of a natural progression of making bread. Cous cous, Orzo, Orechiette, Fettucine, Ravioli; across time and cultures, we’ve created many types of noodles from the humble ingredients of ground grain and water.

Making pasta by hand is one of the most rewarding experiences a professional or home cook can participate in. And indeed it was one of my favorite exercises because the finished dough has so much potential. Throughout history, pasta has been one of those staples of civilizations that have allowed our ancestors to survive harsh winters, famines, and long treks across continents. Flour could be carried long distances and need only be mixed with water to create sustenance when needed.

Today pasta is served in the most refined and luxurious restaurants, and in the most humble taverns. In Greenville, if you’d like to enjoy fresh pasta made with the best ingredients byt the most discenring hands, stop in at Naked Pasta. Owners Christina and Brett Barest love pasta and they make all sorts of ribbon and filled noodles.

Phinneas enjoying the grapes

They spent a few hours with me at Tin Roof Farm and loved feeding the animals some fresh grapes, which might be our chickens favorite treat.

in the studio

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