Jon & Michelle Stauffer of Colonial Milling

Are you a fan of grits, polenta, corn bread and its starting blocks of corn meal? Then say hello to Colonial Milling’s Jon and Michelle Stauffer. They’re growing heirloom varieties of corn on their 250+ year-old farm in Pauline, SC and turning them into the best corn meal, grits, and more. They’re true disciples of the heirloom corn godfather Glenn Roberts of Anson Mills and they’re getting a lot of great press right now; Paula Deen, Southern Living, Town Carolina, and more. They visited us in October and after a great meal and a glass or two of wine, we adjourned to the studio and recorded this episode of the show.

This episode of the show is brought to you courtesty Dr. Tim Hughes, The Orthodontist. He’s my favorite ortho in town and he helped me get the smile I always wanted.


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