When I was a kid, we had our choce of two small butcher shops in a five mile radius. And this was in a small town of less than 10,000 people. When grocery stores became so large that they sold everything from underwear to cigars, the local butcher shop almost became a thing of the past. Today here in Greenville we now have Jeremy Webb and his shop Revival Butchery.

Benton’s Bacon wrapped Rib Filets from Revival Butchery

Jeremy is reviving the old school methods of cutting and preparing meats and he’s a welcome addition to the Greenville food culture. He and his wife Emily recently visited the farm and after pondering our heritage breed turkeys and sharing some coffee and sourdough bread, we sat down in the studio and discussed his love of cutting and selling meat and how he got his start. We’ve had several of his specialty items and each one has been delicious. Give the show a listen then go see him at the butcher shop.


Sponsored by Dr. Timothy Hughes, The Orthodontist.

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