Gluten Free This, Dairy Free That.

Is it a sensitivity or an allergy? So many diners insist they’re sensitive to this, allergic to that. What’s the difference and what does a chef need to know? Is it possible to be allergic to sea salt? Boiled but not roasted peanuts? Doughnuts? Join Chef Malik as he sits down with Dr. Reid Johnstone, Allergist with Allergy Partners in Greenville, SC and discusses all the latest evidence on allergies and sensitivities.

This show is sponsored by The Greenville Spice & Tea Exchange at 124 North Main Street, downtown Greenville. Stop in and say hi, tell them you heard about them on the Tin Roof Farm Radio Show, spend $30or more and you’ll receive a 15% discount.

Say you found them through the Tin Roof Farm Radio Show and you’ll receive a 15% discount on any purchase of $30 or more.

Reid Johnstone is a graduate of USC Medical Schoool and he has a knack for solving mysteries in the world of allergies. Many years ago he diagnosed our son’s shellfish allergy and he’s solved mysteries such as a possible sea salt allergy (seriously) and that time a woman had an anaphylactic reaction to a doughnut. Take a listen as he sits down with John Malik and discusses the most common allergies and sensitivities and answers a few questions from our fans via Instagram.

D. Reid Johnstone of Allergy Partners

During the show, Reid mentioned FARE, the Food Allergy Research and Education website. Find that link here.

And if you’d like to see Reid on a professional basis, find him here


Listen here to Reid on the Tin Roof Farm Radio Show.

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