The first time we met Gina and Roberto was when their truck was just getting started and they’d set up at the Michelin baseball field. We took a short drive from Simpsonville to have lunch with them and we were delighted with the food they were serving. Fast forward about seven years and now their restaurant serves a wonderful array of tacos, burritos and plates that are unlike anything else in town. No wonder; Gina’s family is Japanese, Roberto is from Nicaragua. Together they make for a delicious combination of intriguing styles and cultures.

We love these two and we’ve probably spent most of our lunch money with them.




Tom and Roberto eye one another cautiously

On a recent Sunday afternoon they spent the day at Tin Roof Farm and harvested eggs, hung out with the bees, and Roberto got to pet our big Naragansett turkey, Tom.

Gina and Amy gather eggs and wine

Gin and Roberto kept their distance from the bees

They showed up with an incredible shrimp, calamari, white bean, grilled fennel, and pistachio salad.

Yucatan style steamed fish courtesy ASADA

Amy shows off one of our scare crows, actually a scare hawk meant to keep hawks away from our chickens.

Ready to listen in on our conversation?

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