The Anchorage, Husk, Stella’s Bistro and Brasserie, Bacon Brothers, all of these well known restaurants are fans of Chris Sermons. Chris has been farming professionally since 2004 and he grows a fascinating array of vegetables at his farm in Ware Shoals, SC.
Chris is a member of Slow Food, WWOOF (Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms) and was named farmer of the year by the Carolina Farm Stewardship Foundation. He recently was invited to visit China and Viet Nam as part of a Slow Food Conference and he’s the guy so many of us go to for answers to our vegetable growing challenges.

And since this show was recorded close to Halloween, I have a ghost story for you. In 1994 I was the Executive Sous Chef of the Mills House Hotel, a well-known haunt of several ghosts. And as part of the leadership team, I was given access to a ghost emergency kit in the employee break room. And once I had to use that kit.

Ready to learn what makes Chris Sermon tick?

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