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In our 25 years living in Greenville, we’ve collected lots of friends in the restaurant business. Owners, general managers, cocktail crafters, farmers, coffee roasters, beer brewers, foragers, hosts, and more. Now that we’ve left the day to day grind of the industry, we have a chance to showcase our friends, the folks that are making it happen day in, day out. Greenville is a different town 25 years after we arrived and in the last five, our food and beverage scene, along with the restaurant business, has really changed.



33 Liberty at Disney's Food & Wine Festival


Cooking demo at Lake Austin Spa & Resort


In culinary school, we and most of our friends, aspired to own a sophisticated, white tablecloth restaurant. However, that business model is fraught with multilayered challenges. For better or worse, that model has been put on the back burner by most aspiring chefs. As diners have changed, so has the restaurant business. More customers are ordering delivery than ever before and food markets and tiny restaurants will be the buzz for the next few years.

The Lee Brothers in the kitchen of 33 Liberty.

That young man is Joe Cash, now Chef at the Pool in New York City and the bearded one is Greenville's Jeff Kelly of Stella's Southern Brasserie.

So here’s where you’ll keep up with all the news and changes in our town, and the South’s, restaurant scene.  Who’s creating those tiny restaurants and what are they serving? We’ll meet the movers and shapers of farm to table, chefs, foragers, new farmers, the folks behind the bar creating those craft cocktails you’ve wanted to try. How did they get to where they are? What was their path? And why did they choose to work in this often times ruthless industry?

On this podcast you will not meet the pretenders, those claiming to serve something other than the truth. I promise because while others may praise the “hand cut” fries at the new cafe, I can smell frozen and convenience foods a mile away. So if you’re serving strawberries in November, Vidalia onions in January, or thawing out a block of frozen goop and calling it authentic New Orleans Gumbo (yeah I’m talking about you!) I’m not interested in having you on the show.

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